• How do I apply?
You can apply online or you scan and send you documents to us via email or you apply in person by contacting any of our representation or at the head office.
  • What are the Basic requirements?
  1.  A valid international passport,
  2.  Certified copies of academic credentials (O-Level result for undergraduate applicants and Transcript for post graduate applicants),
  3.  Birth certificate or sworn affidavit of age declaration,
  4.  A passport photographs,
  5.   Letter of sponsorship,(optional)
  6.   CV/RESUME.
  • How does one know if his/her application is successful?
A notification will be sent to EASY REACH AND COMPANY and we will in turn let you know.
  • Will the tuition fee be paid at once?
The tuition fee can be paid on installments or part of it upon arrival but not to all schools allows such, some might require you pay 60% to 80% of the tuition.
  • Can one work while schooling?
Yes you can but NOT all schools allow their students to work. However students are allowed to work mainly during holiday.
  • What is the guarantee of getting a visa?
Once your admission letter is out and you have all the Embassy requirements you will be issued a visa.
  • What are the embassy requirements?
Embassy requirements are not the same for all countries, however the basic once are
  1.  Admission Letter
  2.   Academic Credentials
  3.   A valid international passport
  4.   Proof of payment of tuition/other fees
  5.   Bank statement(optional)
  6.   Medical report and yellow fever vaccine card
  7.   Letter of sponsorship (optional)
  • What about accommodation?
The school will provide accommodation which will be paid for from here or when you arrive there or the student can choose to live off campus.
  • What about Airport Picking?
The school will send her representative to come pick you up as soon as you arrive.
      . Do I have to travel with my Original documents ?
Yes you have to travel with your original documents because you have to present it to the school for your registration and the immigration will demand for it at the airport.

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